BettySoo's Birthday Prom!

Zoom Concert + Facebook Live

BettySoo and a LARGE slew of guests are gonna celebrate her birthday with massively shiny, glittery prom energy. Dress up and get your ticket to the party!

Guests include: - Rebecca Loebe - Grace Pettis - Michael Fracasso - Graham Weber - Matt the Electrician - Anna Vogelzang - Jeff Plankenhorn - Curtis McMurtry - David Messier - Tom Prasada-Rao - Jaimee Harris - Colin Gilmore - Jana Pochop - and many more!


Visit - Choose your cover charge - You'll get an e-mail telling you how to join us - FYI, if you're LOVING what you hear during the show, please feel free to contribute to our digital tip jar!

This RSVP will get you into the private Zoom show, where we will have exclusive chat with performers and other audience members, where you can show off your fanciest (or least fancy) prom duds, and share the behind-the-scenes action that no one else will be privy to. We plan to also livestream the performances to Facebook, but we'd love for you to join the Zoom end of things (that's where all the cool kids will be).

And of course, as ever, donations are welcomed: