BettySoo's Nobody's Happy Hour - last one before a brief hiatus!


Hey folks! Thank you for supporting Nobody's Happy Hour for a year and a half! We have come to you live EVERY TUESDAY since early March 2020, and it's time for a little break.

Please come enjoy the last NBHH hurrah for the summer of 2021, and let's make it a super fun one together. A bunch of friends are going to join me to do a couple wheel tasks each, and you can be sure an all-star cast is gonna make this show extra special.

Why the hiatus?

I realized that because time was suspended for so many months in a row, I had worked continuously with hardly any DAYS off for about two years. Everyone around me has been telling me I'm working too much and too hard, and now I'm going to listen for a bit.

So I'll be focused on Nobody's Girl, releasing some solo music, finishing up the 2021 WORK + PLAY Every Day planner, and some other projects for a little while...and then we will return with new Nobody's Happy Hours for you!