From the recording Little Tiny Secrets

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Words & music by BettySoo, (c) 2007 BettySoo/Sweet Papaya Music, BMI. BettySoo: vocals, acoustic guitar. Stephen Doster: electric guitar. Todd Wilson: keys. Paul Prestridge: bass. Stanley Smith: harmonica. Dave Terry: drums.


If there was song of the story of us
It wouldn’t have a refrain
There’d be a hundred verses
And never the same line
Coming back around again

I’d play it and you would understand it
And give it just the right name

If there was a song of the story of us
It would feel new with every word
And everyone would think I was crazy for saying
It’s the best song I ever heard

And there would never be another
That I would prefer

If there was a song of the story of us
It would be easy to sing
It would shout to the world
That what makes us the happiest
Are usually the silliest things

And maybe no one else would get it
But that wouldn’t mean a thing