1. Easy Living

From the recording Little Tiny Secrets

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Words & music by BettySoo, (c) 2007 BettySoo/Sweet Papaya Music, BMI. BettySoo: vocals, acoustic guitar. Stephen Doster: electric guitar. Todd Wilson: keys. Paul Prestridge: bass. Dave Terry: drums.


When I was born I came out
Fully dressed in springtime green
I had a silver spoon right in my pocket
And the strongest legs you've ever seen
It didn't take long before I learned
My words could take down a full-grown man
So the lies flew out of my mouth before I knew it
And they flew faster than Superman

Easy living in the wings of a giving papa
Easy riding along in the slow car of my mama
Easy finding my way down so many one way streets
Easy losing my heart
To the first one who'd take it from me

Comfort only goes so far
When it comes in the shape of a brand new dress
Sorry don't mean much
When they turn around just to hurt you again
Didn't take long before I learned
To pretend it never happened and I was fine
And as long as I believed it
Everyone would follow me in line

Some things that come so easy
Ain't easy after all
Some things that come so cheap
Ain't free if you have to fall

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