1. Goodbye

From the recording Little Tiny Secrets

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Words & music by BettySoo, (c) 2007 BettySoo/Sweet Papaya Music, BMI. BettySoo: vocals, acoustic guitar. Stephen Doster: electric guitar. Todd Wilson: keys. Paul Prestridge: bass. Dave Terry: drums.


Say goodbye to the end of the story
You thought would come with all love's glory
Say goodbye to the happy ever end
Learn to smile when he says
You'll still be friends
Say goodbye to the horse and its prince
To big castles and the corpse of a witch
Say goodbye to your promise of gold
Just for doing more than you were told

Say hello to this is real life
Say hello working for a living
Say hello to cleaning your floors
And only salesmen knock on your door

Say goodbye to getting straight A's
You never knew your smarts
Would leave you someday
Say goodbye to gas in your car
Cause twenty bucks won't take you that far
Say goodbye to your favorite dress
You haven't been that size since God knows when
Say goodbye to your diamond ring
You lsot the only man who made enough to bring one

Say hello to yes, that's really you in your mirror
Say hello to driving this car till it does
Ain't as romantic as it sounded nine years ago
Say hello to mildew in your shower
And mom ain't there
To power out the stains

Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
To sweet desperation
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
To old fashioned denial
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
To my fairy tale other sale
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, goodbye
Hello to me

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