1. Lay It Down

From the recording Never the Pretty Girl EP

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Words & music by BettySoo, (c) 2007 BettySoo/Sweet Papaya Music, BMI. BettySoo: vocals, acoustic guitar. Stephen Doster: electric guitar. Todd Wilson: keys. Paul Prestridge: bass. Dave Terry: drums.


Lay it down, Mary Sue
There ain’t no point in holding bad memories so tight
Lay it down, Mary Sue, and you’ll find
Life is better when the load you carry is lighter
It can be sweet as a sunny day summer
And it might not last forever
But I’m sure it’s worth at least a day or two
Lay it all down, Mary Sue

Lay it down, little Jane
There ain’t no use in trying to hide your old shame
Lay it down, little Jane, and you’ll find
Life is better when you let the world come love you
Let them see the wounds and come close to bind you
And the hurt won’t last forever
If you show them where you’ve been hiding your pain
Lay it all down, little Jane

Life’s not meant to be hidden down inside
Where no one could ever manage to find
There might be something more
Than the little bit you let out of yourself

Lay it down, dear Eileen
No one is gonna take your happiness away from you
Lay it down, dear Eileen, and you’ll find
Life is better when you don’t save all your smiling
For some coming day when you don’t feel so tired
And they might not last forever
But it might make someone’s day a bit more sweet
Lay it all down, dear Eileen

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