Click Photo to Enter (photo by Jon Calderas)

Click Photo to Enter (photo by Jon Calderas)


What a year for making friends and memories (and catching colds)!



  • Several runs with James McMurtry and Chris Smither later…I didn't think I could be a bigger fan of each of them than I was, but I was wrong!  
  • It's been an amazing honor touring with both of these killer writers + players + singers + performers, and I am incredibly grateful so many of you have boarded the BettySoo train after listening to me open for them.
  • I've gotten sick for the FOURTH time since returning to touring, but I have somehow continue to dodge that one particular bug.  It's like my immune system listened to that set of vaccinations and gave up on everything else!  Just saying…if you've been pummeled by colds this past year, I feel your pain.

This year continues to be busy and full of exciting plans.  I'll join James McMurtry for a band run in April/May, then I'll point northward for a few solo dates in the northeast before heading back home for a...

BettySoo Full Band Show
at Sagebrush, Austin, TX  
May 23, 7 pm, $15 cover at the door

We are gonna be capturing live video at this show, so I'd love to hear you guys hooting and hollering in the audience between songs and providing lots of crowd footage that makes people think I'm really popular. Ha!  Seriously though, this is my first full-length BettySoo + band show in years, and I'm so excited for it.

I am grateful for your time and your support.  Your mercy has carried me through these past couple of years, and I wouldn't have survived without you.  

April 10, 2023

Every living thing could use a little mercy now.
I know we don't deserve it, but we need it anyhow.

from "Mercy Now," Mary Gauthier