Click Photo to Enter - photo by Jon Calderas

Click Photo to Enter - photo by Jon Calderas



I didn't know what to expect...but you always come through. 


  • How will it feel to sing and talk from the stage again?
  • Has my social awkwardness achieved new heights after being a shut-in?
  • Will anyone want hand-printed, hand-glued CD packages with demos?
  • Are folks who've waited patiently for James McMurtry and Chris Smither gonna care about the opener?

GOING BACK ON TOUR revealed & reminded me:

  • I made those permanent packing lists in the Before Times for a reason ( ha! )
  • 250 copies of the new CD was not enough -- Omg, y'all!  The limited edition copies sold out before the tour ended, but you can get a regular copy here.
  • Nothing compares to live music, and you've missed it as much as I have
  • I will never tire of listening to Chris Smither and James McMurtry live
  • Bring more than 1 pair of stage shoes...
  • Sound engineers are mostly angels dressed as humans
  • There are a lot of delicious croissants in the world, but they are not a slimming  food -- I can button those jeans...I can...I can...

This summer is gonna be a busy one.  I'll join James McMurtry for a band run in June, then in July I'll be bouncing around Texas and Oklahoma and hosting some songwriting gatherings.  Come August, I'll be traveling again for shows and more songwriting events, including returning to teach at the Acoustic Alaska Guitar Camp -- where I met my long-time collaborator and dear friend Doug Cox from Vancouver Island, BC.

By the way, if you are eligible for the vaccine and have not yet received your shots or a booster, please consider getting vaccinated.  I know it can be a bit scary to put things into your body you feel unsure about, but remember: so is this virus, which is still killing and adversely affecting many more people than the vaccines are.  Nothing in life is certain nor guaranteed, but looking back at the statistics, the numbers are clearly on the side of getting vaccinated. 

I am grateful for your time and your support.  Your mercy has carried me through these past couple of years, and I wouldn't have survived without you.  


May 12, 2022

Every living thing could use a little mercy now.
I know we don't deserve it, but we need it anyhow.

from "Mercy Now," Mary Gauthier