A note from BettySoo



What a long, strange trip it's been. 

August 1, 2021

I finally emerged from isolation in mid-May for a small gathering at La Posada with Roots on the Rails, where I hugged vaccinated friends after a very long time apart.  I journeyed from there to the Green Mountain State, where the highest vaccination rates in the country meant life was starting to look like the Before Times. 

I followed the news and knew upon returning to Texas, masking would be more essential, both for my safety and the safety of others.  Like you, I hoped numbers wouldn't return to such high levels...but we were warned, and the dire forecasts didn't change enough minds. 

It is with a heavy heart that I announce not only will Nobody's Happy Hour not happen in person for the foreseeable future, but several other in-person appearances I had been looking forward to, including outdoor events, are now canceled.  It seems the whole world is taking things day by day, assessing updates, making difficult decisions -- and musicians and venues are in the same boat.  We've got to think through the protection of employees, bandmates, family members, and YOU.  The last thing we want is to add to this disaster. 

For 17 months and counting, you have sustained us. Perhaps most significantly, you renewed our sense of purpose.  Many of you reached out to say what our music and performances mean to you.  We streamed shows to people who were sick in the hospital, to folks who were extra vulnerable and couldn't leave their homes at all, to parents who were worn out working all day while also trying to play teacher and day care for their kids.  You told us we helped you make it through 2020, and we know it's true the other way around as well. 

You tipped, bought online tickets, cheered us on Zoom, Facebook, Instagram, Twitch, YouTube, Patreon, and wherever else we found our ways onto your screens.  You bought hats, t-shirts, koozies, finger puppets, pins, vinyl, posters, and CDs some of you don't even have players for.  

As we stare into the gaping maw ahead, I hope we will again be there for one another to save us all from being consumed.  The lion's mouth is wide open, and we know it's about to roar.  We are ready to turn on our cameras again, fire up our audio interfaces, and give you a little escape from pan-pocalyptic dread.  We also have our postage scales and bubble mailers at the ready. 

By the way, if you are eligible for the vaccine and have not yet received your shots, please consider getting vaccinated.  I know it can be a bit scary to put things into your body you feel unsure about, but remember: this virus is killing or adversely affecting many more people than the vaccines are.  Nothing in life is certain nor guaranteed, but looking back at the statistics, the numbers are clearly on the side of getting vaccinated. 

I am grateful for your time and your attention.  


Every living thing could use a little mercy now.
I know we don't deserve it, but we need it anyhow.

from "Mercy Now," Mary Gauthier