send personalized corona-grams (or concerts)

to Friends and Loved ones!

Things we all miss: 

  • Our friends and family members (co-workers too!)
  • Meeting up with fellow fans at music shows
  • Going to share meals at each other's houses and at our favorite dives

You can bridge the gap with a CORONA-GRAM


What's a Corona-Gram?

  • A video with a personalized message and a song

Who's it for?

  • A friend, a loved one, or a colleague

  • Anyone who needs some encouragement


  • Because this can be a scary and uncertain time of isolation for people
  • Because you just wanna get in touch with someone
  • Because it's nice, and you're nice

I LOVE sending these.  Folks have written telling me how much they have loved receiving and sending these!  

okay, what do i have to do? 

  • Fill out the form below 
  • Or e-mail me at bettysoo (at) bettysoo (dot) com 
  • Price varies per request -- do I need to learn/write a song, etc.?
  • Please keep in mind:
    On average, a Corona-Gram takes several hours to produce.
  • I wish I could do these for free, but I can't! 
    If you're on a very tight budget, let me know, and we can talk.

Stay home, stay safe, and wash your hands!  - XO, BS

Private Online Concerts!

What's a Private Streaming Concert? 

  • It's a private concert I can stream via Zoom, YouTube, Facebook, or more - we can discuss what the pros and cons of each platform are!


  • Because you miss live music performed in real time
  • Because your best friend is spending her birthday alone
  • Because you need a mother's/father's day gift
  • Because you want to give your employees a virtual happy hour to let off some steam
  • Because it's nice, and you're nice 
  • Just because! 

Who's it for?  

  • Your friends, family, and neighbors 
  • Your co-workers 
  • Fellow music lovers 
  • Anyone you choose!

okay, what do i have to do?  

  • Fill out the form below  
  • Or e-mail me at bettysoo (at) bettysoo (dot) com 
  • Price varies per request, but we can work it out!  

I have done some online private concerts, and I LOVE it.  I've done happy hours for companies, concerts to hospice in isolation, birthday parties, and more.

corona-gram or online concert signup!