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...and I can't wait to get on the road again! 


Several runs with James McMurtry and Chris Smither later…I didn't think I could be a bigger fan of each of them than I was, but I was wrong!  

  • It's been an amazing honor touring with both of these killer writers + players + singers + performers, and I am incredibly grateful so many of you have boarded the BettySoo train after listening to me open for them.
  • Thanks also to everyone who has come out to my solo shows between my opener spots — that means the world to me.
  • Kim Richey, Bonnie Whitmore, and I have been fantasizing about doing a tour together for a zillion years, and we finally did it! If you saw us in TX, KS, AR, or OR, thank you for coming and supporting the shows. It meant so much to us to see you there!
  • For those wondering when I'm ever gonna make (and more importantly, RELEASE, a new studio album, I've got great news: Will Sexton and I have been in the studio this year finishing an album we started a dozen years ago. It's sounding so good, and I hope to release it in early 2025!

This year continues to be busy and full of exciting plans.  I continue to have my dream job of all possibly dream jobs, joining James McMurtry for a run up the west coast in June and on the east coast in September, along with some midwest dates this June and August opening for Chris Smither! 

I know, how could things get cooler, right?? Well, both of these gentlemen invited me to record with them, and you can hear me on the first several singles released on the new Chris Smither album. 

Wanna see us live? Here's what's next:

special guest at Monday Night Supper Club 
Hosted by Barbara Nesbitt & Ben Jones
Backstage at El Mercado 
Monday - May 20, doors 6 pm, show 7 pm

special guest at Continental Gallery
Hosted by Bonnie Whitmore 
Thursday - May 23, 8:30 pm

BettySoo Full Band Show
at Continental Club, Austin, TX  
Tuesday - June 4 - midnight show
after James McMurtry's band

I only play in Austin a few times a year — especially with a band — so we'd really love to hear you guys hooting and hollering in the audience between songs and providing lots of encouragement and energy for everyone to enjoy. I'm so excited to finally be back at it.

I am grateful for your time and your support.  Your mercy has carried me through these past couple of years, and I wouldn't have survived without you.  


May 2024


They were off to the bars for lack of a plan...

from "Lights of Cheyenne," James McMurtry