From the recording When We're Gone

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BettySoo: acoustic guitars, piano, lead & background vocals
Glenn Fukunaga: bass
Rick Richards: drums & percussion
Brian Standefer: cello


It’s the brother who never writes anymore
The uncle you never heard mentioned before
The dad you didn’t know left when you were born
A mother who leaves her child behind at the store

Life don’t work out like the plans you’d drawn
Had yourself some dreams now the wishing well’s gone
Family can’t make things work on the farm
Big city living can’t keep you warm
A hundred different ways of being alone

What you thought was true love left you wanting more
A girl sits alone on her living room floor
Boy turns away before he knocks on her door
Neighbors don’t ask what he’s there for

You’d leave this town but there’s nowhere to run
Things you used to love don’t bring no fun
Sick of wishing every night you had someone
Called everyone you knew, but nobody’s home
A hundred different ways of being alone

New man in town’s got your girl on his arm
Careless thing you said caused so much harm
Nothing’s the same as where you come from
Beat you’re walking to ain’t such a different drum

Tried to be a new voice, but your song ain’t your own
Tried to make a mark, but you’re still unknown
Tried to take a chance, now that bird has flown
Left nothing here for you but rag and bone and
A hundred different ways of being alone

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