1. Josephine

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BettySoo: acoustic guitar, vocal
Glenn Fukunaga: upright and electric bass
Brian Standefer: cello
Dave Terry: drums


Another night he'll be home late
Lipstick smear still on his face
And the morning will be hell
When she won't want him to tell

But when the lights go down on the room
And the spot shines on the bright blue plume
Tucked in a band around a delicate wrist
Floating in the dark ‘til the hand cues the pianist

And it's Skylark…Sweet falsetto rings in the air
Catch your breath while you stare
His face like an angel singing a lover's prayer

Every Tuesday after he locks the office doors
Pulls the tie over his head and onto the floorboard
Cruises out of the suburbs to the emptying city
Everyone's going home but his day's beginning

His brown cropped hair drowned by raven curls
Porcelain skin stark against a string of black pearls
Good old Joe becomes lovely Josephine
Still every eye closes when he starts to sing

And it's Skylark… The melody drawing you in with every tone
The longing that you hear feels like your own
Til you find your heart's true home

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