1. Love Is Real

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BettySoo: acoustic & electric guitars, vocals
Glenn Fukunaga: upright bass
Rick Richards: drums
Will Sexton: electric guitar
Brian Standefer: cello


Sun still melting
Ice into the ocean
Seems so slow but it’s in fast motion
Miles we moved passing by
Land that used to grow left bone dry
The west Texas sky

Midnight moon
Bedtime high noon
Sleep won’t come (upon you) anytime soon
Sweat rolls off ‘til the sheets get damp
Can’t get cool under the fan
Kick them off pull them up again

The hope for love came
And left come dawn
Left you empty handed and alone
Was it just a story
The prince who comes to rescue
Cuts through the brambles gentle kiss to wake you
Does love push through

Love is real
Time is an illusion
Hard to see them pass when you’re moving
In a burning down world
There’s still one thing that can heal
Love is real
Love is real

Love is here
Love is coming
Love is gonna stay with you even when you’re running
Doesn’t need a lie when it’s seducing
Doesn’t give a damn how it can use you
Love is gonna heal your heart’s worst bruising

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