1. Revival

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Words & music by BettySoo, (c) 2007 BettySoo/Sweet Papaya Music, BMI. BettySoo: vocals, acoustic guitar. Stephen Doster: electric guitar. Todd Wilson: keys. Paul Prestridge: bass. Dave Terry: drums.


The rich they’re giving to the poor
The hungry ain’t starving no more
People acting what they say they believe
Not just words that fall to the street
Power shows more sympathy than greed

No more the woman in strife
No husband beating his wife
No child left hungry and alone
No running away on her own
Every family a warm home

Is this revival? Waking them up from the dead
Is this revival? Is this what the Son of man did?

Well hallelujah then give me revival
For the lost and for the need
And hallelujah bring revival
For the broken things in me
Oh hallelujah it’ll take revival
Cause I am weak and I’m just one
Revival, hallelujah, come

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